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Friday, March 20, 2009

Congrats To Hjh. Fayirose and Afzan

Assalamualaikum again Peeps, 1st of all congratulation to the new wedding couple Hjh. Fayirose and Afzan….Hjh. Fay is a very good fren of mine..she asked for Black and silver hantaran theme which I can categorised as ‘Hantaran Berani’….but im glad and hepy dat she loveee it…big thank to my mom and hubby for all ur help…the hantaran wows me..hehe..simple yet so elegant…We pray your marriage will be a life-long celebration of love, happinezz and mudahan lakas dapat baby..Amin
From Hjh Fay......thank q so much daling ah coz u help me a lot and make my hantaran the most......
( ur welcome dlng :) ....... )
Pelamin Mini for the bride
Crystal butterfly....RN WEDDING trademark


Jam tangan

Baju Melayu

Towels, simple yet exclusive..


Wallet and Belt


P/S: So sorry, banyak termiss ambil gambar.....and sorry jua some pics taken looks fuzzt and not clear... To Fay, love ur bedroom deco, ada CLAZZ!!!Hehe...